Getting Started with Neurons Predict API

This page will help you get started with Predict API

Welcome to Neurons Predict API Documentation

Here you will find examples to help you get started


Your Neurons representative will provide you with an API key.
In order to authorize your API requests the API key must be provided in the "X-API-Key" header field.
If you misplace or lose your API Key, please contact us immediately so that we can provide you with a new one.
If you do not have a contact at Neurons yet, please contact: [email protected]


In order to configure webhooks so that you can integrate process completion notifications with your own backend,
please contact your Neurons representative and we will set you up right away.

OpenAPI Specification

The OpenAPI specification JSON can be acquired here:


Upload Image

To upload and process an Image simply use this endpoint:

Get Image Results/Status

You can then get the current status and results of your image process here:

List images

Or list your uploaded images here:


A (Python code) guide on how to upload videos for predictions

Upload video

Initiate Upload

To initiate a video upload use this endpoint:

The JSON response will contain a field "resumable_url", which is used as the upload target.

Upload Video

Upload your video with the provided "resumable_url" field (from the initialisation step), as described here:

Finalise Upload

Finalise your upload and start the processing at this endpoint:

Get Video Results/Status

Get the status/results of your uploaded video here:

List Uploaded Videos here:


If you should desire to delete any uploaded contents you can do so at these endpoints:



Media (Video or Image)

Metrics (Consumption Statistics)

You can get the amount of processed images and video seconds for a given month at this endpoint: